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Industrial Engineering

Time & Motion Study


Measure Work, Set Staffing Levels, Create Objective Cost Definition and Control, Improve Output and Utilization. Provide an objective, independent opinion for a contested situation.


Work Study


Flow Chart Work, Balance Assignments, Manage Constraints, Cut Non-Value Added Activity, Smooth Flow


Time Study of Product Performance


Objectively Compare Performance of Your Company's Product, Installation or Application Time to Competitors; Quantify Operating Savings for your Customers


Facility Layout


Design Efficient Space Utilization and Optimal Movement Patterns for Material and People

Facility Planning

Relocate Business


Explore Relocation Options; Justify, Plan, or Implement a Business Move, in the U. S. or Internationally


Consolidate, Merge


Complete an Acquisition or Merge Operations or Facilities


Move Office


Relocate Administration, Headquarters, Sales, Agency


Business Site Search


Find a Cost Effective Location, with Desirable Quality of Life, for Your Unique Personal and Business Criteria


As your organization addresses its operating challenges, Rice Engineering can help. We provide ideas, work with or shepherd your staff to accomplish the actions you have in mind, in existing or new facilities. Please contact Steve Trimmer to discuss your situation, at no cost or obligation.

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